Pushpa Impossible: Karuna Pandey starrer makes for a PERFECT masala entertainer from flow of the scenes to transition of episodes; Here’s why… – Audience Verdict


MUMBAI: Sony SAB’s new show, Pushpa Impossible, created by ace TV producer and actor JD Majethia, is already a hit. The show stars Karuna Pandey, Darshan Gurjar, and Navin Pandita. The show Pushpa Impossible portrays a mother’s life with her children. The storyline has excited and captured the audience’s hearts.

The story of Pushpa Impossible revolves around Pushpa Randeriya Patel, a 45-year-old woman from Patan and who lives in the Bapodhra Chawl of Mumbai with her children: Ashwin, an employee; Chirag, a college student and a businessman; and Rashi, a college student and their daily life struggles. It kickstarted by showing an uneducated woman using her smartness by starting her business to run her family.

The show has managed to garner quite a good audience for the show and somewhere down the line; they cannot have enough of the show as it is a unique and distinguished concept.

Aditi Chabra opined, “Currently, in my view, Pushpa Impossible is one of the best shows on Indian television right now. It truly shows woman empowerment, does not have any toxic love angles, and touches on various societal topics. The acting is very good, all characters are important to the story, they don’t have silly scenes, the flow, transition is well executed each time, every track gets a closure- it really is everything I would want in an Indian show.”

Ananya Chabra mentioned, “What baffles me is how it is not popular, especially online, among the younger crowd. I see people bashing shows for being regressive and yet they are watched every single day and their clips are posted to be discussed at length. So why the same are people not watching a progressive show when there is one? What is the point of all this outrage when you yourself like the toxicity of ITV?”

Ajay Chadha averred, “There is an overall upbeat feel to the show! Who does not have tough spots, faces gray shades in life? It teaches and motivates us to take things in our stride!”

Ambar Chawla said, “This is one show which has an edge above the others. It gives me extremely positive vibes.”

Shaan Chopra shared, “I initially found the role of Karuna Pandey quite similar to that of Rupali Ganguly in Anupamaa, obviously in different contexts but I feel that the starcast of the show is extremely good and with talented actors, the show is a perfect entertainer.”

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