Vanshaj: Mahir Pandhi talks about undergoing physical transformation for portraying DJ – EXCLUSIVE


MUMBAI : Sony SAB’s Vanshaj revolves around intense conflicts within a leading business family – the Mahajans, focusing on the battle for inheritance between the heirs. Beyond the glitz and glamour that comes with portraying the lives of the uber rich family, is a lot of hard work put in by the actors.

They continue to undergo extensive training, both physical and emotional, to play their roles authentically and often go an extra mile to put their best performance forward.

Mahir Pandhi, plays the role of Digvijay aka DJ in the show. In an exclusive conversation with TellyChakkar, he opened up on how he has evolved in the show and his physical transformation over a period of time.

He shared, “I have shown how DJ has evolved. In the character that I am playing, I needed a certain body type which is intimidating. I cannot be a lean and skinny guy who is killing everyone in the family. My stigma of having different features is to have a unique look over a period of time as the character has grown.”

Way to go Mahir!

Speaking about the show, Yuvika’s relentless pursuit to find Dadababu leads her closer to uncovering the truth, she finds herself on the brink of a breakthrough and DJ gets into a car chase with her. She is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Dadababu’s disappearance. Dadababu’s return to the Mahajan house, it becomes evident that he has no recollection of the past year. Dadababu’s memory loss raises questions about what transpired during the lost year and how it has affected him.

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