Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi fame Mona Singh stuns fans with remarkable 15 kg weight loss transformation


MUMBAI: Mona Singh is renowned for her astounding performances in television and motion pictures. She is currently OTT’s reigning queen. Despite everything, she is still recognized for her performance in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi as “Jassi.” Saas-Bahu serials were hugely popular in the early 2000s, and her show was a breath of fresh air, demonstrating to the world that success doesn’t always follow physical attractiveness. Mona Singh has astounded everyone with her incredible physical makeover.

Mona Singh was recently sighted wandering the city. She wore an elegant black jumpsuit with a halter neck. She spoke about her unexpected weight loss journey while looking stunning. In an interview with the popular news portal, Mona disclosed that she has shed fifteen kilograms of weight. When pressed further, Mona revealed the reason she isn’t allowed to reveal anything about was for her forthcoming part.
Mona Singh had previously discussed experiencing self-doubt in her professional life in an interview. She mentioned how her weight gain led to her being dubbed Podgy at one point. When asked about the event in the past, Mona recalled that she had been photographed at a party immediately following her TV show, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. While she was enjoying her break, a few media took her picture and commented, “Mona seemed a bit podgy.”

Mona shared that she felt bad about how people put a woman down for her weight, and they do not care about her achievements at all. She wondered if the world only sees the weight. Mona said,”I was clicked at a party, it was right after Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, I was on a break. I was eating, I was having fun, I didn’t care about how I was looking. I went to a party, I got clicked and there was this article that said ‘Mona seemed a bit podgy.’ God, I was like really? Is this news for you, is that journalism? You’re putting a woman down, you don’t care about her achievements or who she is and what she has done in life. You’re seeing her weight, I felt so bad, I was like really, I mean that’s all they see in a person.”

In terms of Mona’s career, she had a great 2023 thanks to the releases of three huge hits, Made in Heaven 2, Kaala Paani, and Kafas. In addition to being action-packed, 2024 is also really beautiful. Mona discussed updating her outfit and how she was getting called to round table discussions in an interview with the popular news portal. She added that in 2003, she had witnessed this same kind of insanity.

According to quotes, she said, “I am grateful for 2023; it has been a blessing. I am experiencing this high exactly after 20 years; I saw this kind of madness in 2003. I am very excited for 2024 as there is a great lineup of shoots and releases.”

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