AMAZING! Nidhi Bhanushali is gone wild camping in the wild jungle.


Sonu character ( Nidhi ) from Tarak Mehta Ka Oolath Chashma is looking way different from her original look from the serial. She is flaunting her jungle pictures everywhere. People are liking it as she is seen in wear something different rather than the Sonu outfit. She is enjoying herself right in the wild.

Actress Nidhi left the Tarak Mehta show last year. Carrying forward her character is Palak Sindhwani. Leaving the show has not made her lose her friendship, she is still friends with Kush Shah ( Goli). Nidhi also stays in touch with the director and his wife of Tarak Mehta.

The actress has been active on social media and has been posting many pictures and videos. Her dressing sense is liked by her fans. Even her dog accompanied her for the trip.

Describing her feelings in the wild she says – ” Campsite no. 1. We’ve left home to seek what seeks us. Away from civilization, on our first day itself, we found bliss. The air here is pure, the trees are tall and a slight drizzle has marked the start of the monsoon. Life is better in the speciality”- captions Nidhi.

On adding more captions and pictures Nidhi says – “We just randomly landed on a farm in this beautiful small village in Gujarat while chasing the sunset. The villagers insisted we stay till morning and offered us khatiyas to sleep on and their speciality – milk. Jugni had the time of her life running in the fields and lord knows she couldn’t get enough of the cows.

We slept the most peaceful sleep under the sky lit with a million stars knowing that we were safe amongst these extremely heartwarming and kind people and witnessed an impeccable sunrise in the morning. Cooked and packed our meals for the day and we were off… the journey continues.”

She is totally having a blast in the jungle vibe.

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