Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz finally patch up and resolve their differences as they celebrate EID together


MUMBAI: Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz are well known personalities of television and have a massive fan following.

A few years ago, the sisters did not get along with each other but now, they have re solved their differences and patched up. The reason for their differences is still unknown.

Recently, the entire family went through a turmoil as their brother Shehzaan Khan was arrested in the case of Tunisha Sharma’s suicide. 

But finally, he was out of the custody a month ago, and family was excited and happy. 

The entire family celebrated EID together and both the sisters shared adorable pictures from the celebrations.

They shared the pictures and captioned it, saying “Shukaran sukoon, Thank you each and everyone who supported us and prayed for us!

Fans have commented saying “God Bless the family and may evil eye stay away from them”

Some also commented, “All’s well that ends well, good times have began”

The family looks adorable and everyone is enjoying the festival.

The sisters are dressed in “Anarkali” and they look pretty and happy.

Well, we wish the family more happiness and EID Mubarak!

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