Celina Jaitly opens up about Twitter troll; says, “3000 complaints were filed with Twitter”


A notorious Twitter account-holder known to post highly improper comments on Bollywood celebrities, crossed the line of decency once again when he wrote that Celina Jaitly, now happily married and mother of 3 in Austria, had “slept with” both father Feroz Khan and son Fardeen while shooting her debut film Janasheen.

While Celina, not one to take such toxic slander lying down, proceeds to take the action against this repeat offender, she spoke to this writer about the vicious attack on her character. Says Celina, “This guy, whoever he is, went really below the belt with me. On Tuesday 1.4 Million twitterati witnessed the debilitating attacks and stood by me, approximately 3000 complaints were filed with Twitter, it seems, so let’s see.”

Speaking of how celebrities are attacked on social media, Celina says, “There is a unique time when things hit you below the belt not once but many times. Being a victim of continued targeted hate by one individual makes you think of yours and your family’s safety and security as well as mental well-being. We are humans after all. While 99 percent time it’s best to ignore, that 1% gnaws at your gut that this is more than a troll and you’ve got to protect yourself.”

In an earlier interview with this writer Celina had spoken fondly of Feroz Khan as dear friend and a father-figure. “Mr Khan always called me “Celine” and was not only my mentor but my best friend. There was nothing I would not discuss with him, he even advised me about my boyfriend at the time. During my first shooting schedule I was made to feel like a princess and he and his entire family treated me like their own.”

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