Exclusive! “Everything happened in just one day my life changed and I was finalised for playing the character of Dua, and the most challenging part was to speak in Urdu” – Aditi Sharma


MUMBAI: Many new TV shows are being launched these days and are coming out with different concepts.

LSD productions is a well-known production house on television, who have bankrolled shows like Beyhadh, Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan, Bahu Begum, etc.

We had earlier reported that LSD is coming up with a new show on Zee TV titled ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’, starring Karanvir Sharma and Aditi Sharma. It will also star Ankit Raizada, Nishigandha Wad, and Melanie Nazareth. The show will premiere on Zee TV.

The show revolves around Dua (Aditi) and Haider (Karanvir), who live in old Delhi. An ideal wife and a perfect daughter-in-law, Dua’s life revolves around her husband and his family. Dua’s world comes crumbling down when Haider confesses to having fallen in love with another woman and seeks Dua’s permission to marry her.

The show will be going on air in a few weeks from now, and the audience cannot wait to see the new pair of Karan and Aditi.

Tvglobe got in touch with the lead actress Aditi, and asked her about the story of the serial, and whether she did any preparation for the role of Dua, and more.

Could you give us a gist about the story of the serial?

As you have seen in the promo of the serial, the story is about the four Nikaah that should take place as in Islam four Nikaah is allowed, and how the Tashan happens and all is very interesting. Even Haider thinks he is doing something very good and he thinks that Dua will have a positive response. But to know her response, one will have to see the serial to know what kind of response she will give. Though Dua comes across as someone who is very innocent, she is a very strong personality and rebels against the wrong things happening.

When you were told about ‘Dua’ as a character, what was your reaction, and did you prepare for the role?

Everything happened in just one day. I was finalised for the role in just one day and my entire life changed. I had to learn how to speak Urdu, and that was the challenging part but my entire cast and crew helped me to learn Urdu and play the character. It was a different kind of role and I am having fun playing her.

Anything about the look of ‘Dua’ that you like?

Her nose pin, her subtle look. She is so simple in the way she looks. There is an innocence in the way she dresses up and I am loving each moment of playing her.

Do you remember the first day of your shoot?

I was lost on day one as I had to speak Urdu, and that transformation was very difficult, but everything went well and it was a good experience.

Are you scared about the TRP ratings and how the show will do?

I do know that the TRP ratings are important as that will determine if the show runs or not. But I am not going to take that stress now, as that is in the hands of the audience. From my side, I will give my best and do full justice to the character of ‘Dua’.

Well, there is no doubt the serial looks like a good concept with the fresh pairing of Karan and Aditi. The audience is excited to see the show.

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