The Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil Sharma spills the beans on people taking offense at his show, says “I was told I can’t use the word ‘mad’…”


MUMBAI :Kapil Sharma is known to be one of the most loved actors/comedians of our time. His humor and comic timing has won him fans from all walks of life. The actor’s popular talk show The Kapil sharma Show is also one of the most loved and is usually on the top when it comes to TV ratings.

Kapil has come a long way since he made people laugh the first time in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The actor/comedian says that now it is impossible to create comedy without offending at least one person. On Kareena Kapoor Khan’s chat show ‘What Women Want’ the Zwigato actor said, “Sometimes I feel we are going backwards. I remember an interview of Javed Akhtar where he shared that he could not have written the scene in Sholay where Dharmendra is speaking from behind the statue of Lord Shiva since people will take offense to that”

Kapil later mentioned how it is difficult to create content now, especially for GEC channels. He said, “Especially when you work for GEC channels, you get standards and practices on such words that you cannot even imagine. Recently, I was told I can’t use the word ‘mad’. When I asked why, they told me because people get angry. But it is a word that we say casually to our kids, and siblings call each other ‘pagal‘ in fun.”

Kareena asked him when he flirts, does his wife Ginny have an issue with it. To which he adds, “Ginny knows that it is a part of my job, but sometimes she also taunts, ‘iske saath bada dil se nikal raha tha’ (It looked like it was coming straight from your heart). But she is quite understanding most of the time.”

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