Helly Shah misses playing Garba after becoming an actor


The nine days extravaganza is here. Navratri means nine days of celebration and dance. Navratri also implies the switching on of the Garba mode for all Gujratis.
TV beauty Helly Shah who also happens to be a Gujrati spoke to , about her Navratri plans.
“I have no plans for Navratri as of now. I might go to Ahmedabad for the last few nights. Nothing is planned as of now,” Helly said.
Helly also spoke at length about the importance the festival has in her life. “It is one of the most important festivals in the country. Just because I’m Gujrati, I’ve seen some really amazing ‘Navratris.’ I don’t fast for nine days but I make sure that I always visit the temples. I visited the temple today as well. It gives you peace.”
Helly informed us, she never wishes for anything from the Goddess. She explained, “Whenever I pray, I don’t really ask for anything. I have got everything in my life.”
Being a Gujju girl, the sweet actress loves her garba, she told Tellychakkar.com, “I haven’t played garba since I have become an actor, however before this we used to play so much of Dandiya and Garba. It was fun. I miss playing garba.”
On the work front, Helly is currently enjoying her vacation and is in no hurry to sign something new.

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