‘Harry Potter’ actress Bonnie Wright, husband ready to welcome first baby


MUMBAI: Actress Bonnie Wright, best known for playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is expecting her first child with husband Andrew Lococo.

She announced the news on Instagram alongside a photograph of her showcasing her baby bump, reports eonline.com.

For the snap, she wore a sleeveless dress while appearing with her partner in front of a picturesque mountain view.

“We’re having a baby!” Bonnie wrote in her April 28 post.

“So excited to share this beautiful land with them. What a wild and humbling journey pregnancy is, transforming to make space for new life.”

The 32-year-old continued: “Andrew and I can’t wait to meet our baby later this year and become parents. It feels like they’re coming to say hello in the little rainbow orb across my belly.”

Bonnie, who married Andrew in March 2022, received a slew of congratulatory comments, including from Scarlett Byrne Hefner, who played Pansy Parkinson in the Harry Potter films, and James Phelps, who played Ginny’s brother Fred Weasley.

After he wrote, “Congratulations,” fans were delighted, with one commenting in response, “You’re havin a nephew.”

Bonnie is one of several former Harry Potter stars who played Hogwarts students to start a family in recent years.

Her on-screen husband Daniel Radcliffe, whose main character Harry Potter shares three kids with Ginny, welcomed his first baby with his girlfriend, Erin Darke, recently.

Meanwhile, Rupert Grint, who played Fred’s younger brother and one of Harry’s best friends, Ron Weasley, and his partner, Georgia Groome, share daughter Wednesday Grint, who is almost 3.

In addition, James’ twin brother Oliver Phelps, who played Fred’s twin George Weasley, has two daughters with wife Katy Humpage, while Scarlett shares three daughters with husband Cooper Hefner.

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