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Veera does aarti of Ranvi and ties Rakhi, he gifts her. otherside Gunjan ties Rakhi to Baldev, he gifts her.

Reporter says, Veera has come to Mandir and is praying for her brother’s health, she prays to lord for him.

Reporter says, everything is fine in end.

Off-screen Veera says, it was long journey, I just hope we have created space in people’s heart, it was very good journey. Ranvi says, she has prepared good speech, Baldev says i was surprised at that only, they laugh. Ranvi says, it doesnt matter till when show ran, important is that you have made us part of your house.

Off-screen Ranvi says, i am taking memories from here, i have clicked many pictures with crew and I will take it from here. Baldev says, I have many memories in my room, Veera says, his room is den, he says many activities take place there, I will miss all these.

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