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Prem has lost his memory. He says to Simar that i don’t remember who I am, what is my name, I don’t know anything, he is angry on family, he ask Maataji who is she? where is he? all are tensed seeing his state, Maataji ask Prem to listen, Prem says I am not prem.

Reporter says, Prem have to bear so much without Simar, he tried to suicide and now his memory is gone too.

On screen, Prem is walking here and there, he is irritated and says I dont remember anything.

Reporter says, Indravati and writers of show are giving too many twists to show, Prem doesn’t remember anything nor his family neither his name, he only remembers Dayaan’s name.

Reporter says, Its Diwali and says Simar has got holidays so Prem’s memory loss track is introduced till she doesn’t join back while Sid have back problem so he is not shooting as well and Roli is busy with her film shoots, till they dont return, Prem’s memory loss track will keep going on.

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