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Urmi slaps Kinjal, everyone is dazed. Urmi is really mad, they are all in hospital. Urmi says don’t dare to say a word. You are responsible for what Kokila is going through. You always put your mom in struggle. Ahem says to Kinjal praying for mom was just your drama. Gopi says why you forget that she is your mom, you are not her mom.
urmi says i wont leave her today, she takes a vase and is about to hit her. Ahem withholds her.

jigar gets a call that Rashi is lost from the house. Everyone gets worried for her. After a while, Rashi enters the hospital.

Of screen: Urmi says she was so mad that she forgot she was pretending to be mentally sick. Kinjal says they are all slapping me. i made a mistake but i exposed her lie. Urmi says i wont be able to bear if something happens to kokila.

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