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All are dancing in Shravan’s baraat. Reporter says, atlast grand Modi wedding has ended, Gopi has done her daughter Vidya’s kanyadan.

All rituals of wedding is being shown like Shravan’s baraat arrival, their pheras, sindoor filling and finally Vidya’s vidai.

Reporter says, Shravan sat on horse and Gora was so happy that she was dancing in baraat.

Off-screen Gora says, its my granson’s wedding so I should dance, we brought baraat with band bajaa.

Off-screen Gopi says, i really enjoyed all rituals, there was fun in marriage.

Reporter says, Everything was fine till now but suddenly Dharam’s feet twisted again so Gora had to send him back to home but we all know why he left from there as he had to go to Meera to marry her somewhere else and Meera is also waiting for Dharam.

Meera is hiding behind door so Vidya cant see her face.

Off-screen Gora says, a lot has to happen, there is long way to go.

Reporter says, all are happy in Sharavan and Vidya’s marriage without knowing plan of Gora.

Off-screen Kokila says, I am every much happy as my grand daughter is getting married and moreover my grand daughter is going in house of my best friend so she will be happy there.

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