Why Lucy Lawless feels Lucretia in ‘Spartacus’ is her scariest role yet


Actress Lucy Lawless who plays the role of Lucretia in the popular TV Show “Spartacus: Blood And Sand”, has revealed that the period drama is probably the “scariest” project she has ever been a part of.

Comparing her characters in her popular TV shows “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Spatracus”, the 52-year-old actress says her character in “Spartacus” is braver than Xena.

“(It) was pretty damn scary. Xena was scary on that physical level because it was just relentless and I hated the action. I just hate fighting. But again, I didn’t have an option to hate it so I didn’t indulge that. But Spartacus was very difficult for — you know — that whole nudity thing is quite counter to one’s nature and to our culture,” she said in an interview to collider.com

If Lucretia scared her the most, the Kiwi actress’ role in the prequel to “Spartacus”, “Gods Of The Arena” was her favourite role.

“I was just watching ‘Gods Of The Arena’ the other night. My husband had it on because we’ve been through everything else online. Everything you can stream, we’ve seen and so we went back and watched our old show and, my goodness, that was really hardcore, very rich storytelling, so that was probably the scariest. And the best role,” she said.

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