Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mahhi Vij, Dalljiet Kaur strongly react to the Nora Fatehi posted child abuse video


The inhuman act of a person named Yousef Katati has angered everyone including celebrities. Nora Fatehi shared an extremely disturbing video wherein the said man is seen beating up and throwing around a toddler. Actresses like Vahbiz Dorabjee, Mahhi Vij, and Dalljiet Kaur expressed their anger on the same.

Dalljiet told, “I am a mother and I think as a human being to even see something like this happening is unreal. The person clicking the pictures (and taking the video) is equally responsible. If I find this man, I’ll probably bury him myself. I really appeal to the police that they should catch him (pronto) because not only this child, but every other person around him is not safe. This is disgusting and horrendous.”

Vahbiz said, “This is such a disturbing video. I think this man is a devil in disguise. It is absolutely inhumane. These kind of people need to get severe punishment. His hands should be cut off for torturing a poor child like this.”

Mahhi Vij said, “This video broke my heart.”

Nora, who is seeking support from the UNICEF posted the video and wrote, “I apologise that I have to put such a graphic disturbing video up but i can not keep quiet on this Disgusting inhumane act of violence on an innocent child! THIS KIND OF ACT DOES NOT REQUIRE INVESTIGATION! This needs straight up immediate punishment!,” writes the actress. She rightfully goes on to question, “What is this ? You have no soul, you don’t fear god? This man Yousef Katati is beating up violently abusing his child and forcing her to stand up while god knows who is recording! Why? Why?? Why do u bring children to the world if you are going to do this!

The international community needs to make noise about this!!! We need international attention on this!!!! This man needs the ultimate punishment! Please lets not keep quiet!!! This man must be dragged out of his home by the people of Saudi Arabia and given the maximum public torture and humiliation FOR THE WORLD TO SEE ! I would say hang him but thats too quick pain he needs slowww painful torture for the rest of his life!

My eyes tear up, my heart breaks into pieces while watching that somewhere in our world today a child is unsafe a child is hurting a child is screaming for help because they are being savagely abused in the hands of their own father or mother! See how the poor child starts to faint in between!”

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