Palak Tiwari shares her learnings from mother Shweta Tiwari’s unsuccessful marriages, says, ‘One should not…’


Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari is right now one of the most popular star kids among all. She is ruling millions of hearts and all thanks to her Bijlee Bijlee song. Ever since then she has been unstoppable. The 22-year-old is swiftly climbing up the ladder of success and how. She is extremely inspired by her mother Shweta Tiwari who is one of the finest actors in television injury. And now she has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs with her massive transformation. Shweta’s little big girl in her recent interaction spoke about what she learnt from her mother’s unsuccessful marriages.
In an interaction with Bombay Times, Palak said, “I have also realised that one should not rush into marriage. If you feel something is wrong with the person, it’s better to leave him at that moment. Women struggle with that the most and I have seen that with not just my mother, but women from around the world. We keep justifying things for our partners because we want to see the good in people. It’s a great quality, but it will come back to bite. That’s not love or at least that’s not the kind of love I want – not now, not ever”. Palak has been the strongest support to her mom as she has seen her struggle and rise like a phoenix. Shweta’s journey is inspiring to every woman out there and she only deserves love and respect.
Shweta’s journey hasn’t been easy, however, she held herself extremely strong and overcome all the hurdles in life talking about the constant gossip around her mom and her life, Palak said, “We don’t spend a lot of time convincing people about our side of the story. My mother’s priority has been to make sure that the family is protected. That’s what I have focused on as well.”

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