OMG! Fans feel that Jasmin’s eviction from Bigg Boss 14 was the most emotional exit in the history of the show; Host Salman Khan broke down too


MUMBAI :Aly and Jasmine are one of the most loved couples on television, and the two look adorable together.
Initially, they were best friends, but when Aly entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild-card entry, the two made their relationship official.

The two met on the reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi, and from there, began a strong bond of friendship, which then bloomed into a relationship of love.

Today, the duo has a massive fan following. They are loved by the audience and their fans fondly call them Jasly.

Let’s do a little rewind, go back to Bigg Boss 14, to the day Jasmin was evicted from the show, and the way Aly broke down, that left the fans and audience emotional.

The fans have said that Jasmin’s eviction was the most emotional one in the history of the show as even Salman Khan broke down seeing Aly cry for his lady love.

There is no doubt that the eviction was painful and that the love and care that Aly had for Jasmin was very evident.

The beautiful part is that post the show, the two are still together and are considered one of the iconic real-life couples.

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