Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja Talks About Working With Actress Jankee Mehta


The well-known voiceover artist, actress, singer, and model, Jankee Parekh Mehta, usually stays in the headlines for her glamorous looks, and updates of her family, which includes her husband, actor Nakul Mehta and their adorable son, Sufi. She has previously appeared in productions such as the 2016 series “I Don’t Watch TV” and “JANKEE,” a Bollywood Broadway musical-themed on her own name.

Her aqua-blue eyes and rosy smile contribute a lot to her natural elegance, but to thrive in her professional work, or while attending festivities and award shows, ‘applying the right makeup,’ becomes important for the actress. The singer-actress recently worked with Bhavikaa Saluja, a professional make-up stylist with comprehensive academic credentials in the area, owing to the prestigious universities where she studied make-up. Jankee entrusted her with getting her ready for a famous event she had to attend, and the results were more fantastic than she could begin to imagine!

Reportedly, the actress enjoyed working with Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja. As per Saluja, she admits that she was a bit hesitant while attending to Jankee. She had a couple of concerns. One of the reasons was that it was a long time ago. This led her to believe that working with her would be difficult. But, lo and behold, when she began working with the actress, all of her worries vanished soon. Throughout the makeup application, Parekh was upbeat, encouraging the artist and smiling, which helped both the parties feel at ease and speed up the process. Rightfully so, Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja revealed that Jankee has been a “sweetheart” in the whole process, along with being a very down-to-earth person.

Bhavikaa has done her make-up two times or three, by far. This also gave the artist some good amount of exposure and allowed her to refine her artistic abilities. Furthermore, she also stated that Jankee was very cooperative and sweet throughout the time.

Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja has always benefited from working with celebs. She formerly did mention once, that working with celebrities has greatly aided her in honing her talents by allowing her to work on a variety of skin tones. While doing their make-up, she must consider several factors to give them the best possible look. Their make-up must blend seamlessly with their hair and be applied in such a way that it highlights the true beauty of both the person and the dress they will wear. These settings are difficult, but they have allowed her to evolve as an artist significantly throughout her career.

Make-up Artist Bhavikaa Saluja is excited to execute more looks on several celebrities in the future. Her capacity to learn under pressure reveals a lot about her ability to operate in a variety of situations, as well as her ability to evaluate customer satisfaction, assess consumer demands, and her patience and expertise.

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