Looks like Ayush from Bhagya Lakshmi is having a Little Too Much Fun on the sets of Parineetii


MUMBAI: Tvglobe is back with another ‘Behind The Scenes’ update for its viewers. The audience has given Parineetii a thumbs-up. The show stars Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu in the lead roles and it focuses on two best friends Pari and Neeti who end up marrying Rajeev, who is actually ‘Sanju’ for Neeti.

Parineetii is running successfully now and the audience likes the leading trio. The entire team works round the clock to provide the audience with the episodes that they so eagerly await.

However, the episodes aren’t the only thing that our viewers indulge in! They also like to know about what goes on Behind the scenes on the show, and what happens in the lives of their favorite celebs.

We came across a new post by Aman Gandhi aka Ayush from Bhagya Lakshmi, but he is seen on the sets of Parineetii along with the two leads- Tanvi Dogra and Anchal Sahu. It is reported that he will be playing a character on the show and seems to be getting along well with the cast of the Parineetii.

In this video, it looks like he tried to trick the two actresses by pretending to take a selfie, when it was actually a video.

If Aman is going to be seen on the show, we are sure that his fans will be very eager to see him in a different avatar.

What do you’ll have to say about these new bonds between the actors? Do tell us in the comments section below.

Meanwhile on Parineetii, Pari wakes up from the dreadful dream where Neeti found out everything after Babli revealed the truth and lost her child. Pari muses that she can’t let it happen and needs to do something about it.

She wants to lie to Pari about the third man in the picture with Rajeev and tell Neeti, that not Sanju but that man is Rajeev. While Rajeev questions her decision, Pari seems sure that she needs to protect Neeti.

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