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Bulbul and Purab exchange garlands and is all set to marry. Shehnayi song plays…………Pragya brings Bulbul and makes her sit with Purab. Reporter says Bulbul has become bride and is putting garland in her groom’s neck. He says atlast Purab and Bulbul have been united after overcoming may hurdles. Bulbul looks beautiful in elegant red lehenga. Bulbul says a bride has to get ready and her lehenga is designed by Tripti. She shows the jewellery. Pragya makes Bulbul get ready for her marriage and brings her to marriage altar.

Pragya looks very beautiful. Abhi is looking confused as he is trapped by Tanu. He is happy that Bulbul is getting married to Purab. Reporter says there will be a big drama in the marriage. Bulbul says that a nuclear bomb will explode during their marriage. Pragya and Abhi are confused about their feelings for each other and couldn’t confess because of the circumstances. Keep reading.

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