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Kabir and Anaya have an argument about something. Reporter says Kabir’s drama troubles Anaya and it can be seen on her face clearly. She says their tashan is about some story which she didn’t cover and this gave a chance to Kabir to get angry. Kabir scolds his junior reporter. Anaya says something happens all the time, it is not new. She says it happens in all journalist life, sometime they get news and sometimes not.

Kabir says her mind works a lot. She thinks a lot. If I ask her to bring something, she gets many things with it. It is reporters’ work to do the work. Kabir says she is very fast and that’s why he is thinking she might take his chair and position. Anaya laughs.

Reporter says Kabir and Anaya’s tashan will continue. Anaya is thinking about exhibition. Kabir gives her deadline and asks her to take it seriously else it won’t be good for her.

Kabir says reporter is emotional. He tells about the reporters’ work. Reporter says Kabir is being praised everywhere. Kritika/Anaya is less praised, and her look is not looking good. Reporter says soon Anaya will get romantically involved with her senior reporter Kabir. Keep reading.

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