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Roshni looks at Sid emotionally and caresses his face lovingly. Mohabbatein Barsa Dena Tu plays…………Reporter says love has returned in Roshni and Sid’s life. The rain water has rekindled love in Roshni’s heart. She got letters written by Sid when she was away from him. She came to know about the truth and gets emotional.

Roshni says she realizes that he loves me, while it is raining. She says Nani gives the letters to her. Reporter says what do you think what will Roshni do after knowing about the truth.

Sid says he didn’t know that Roshni read the letters. He missed her all these six years. Reporter says Roshni makes tea for Sid and makes his morning good. Roshini says she will run after Sid and make him fell for her. They collide with each other.

Reporter says there is hidden love in Sid’s heart for you even now. Sid says there are lot of differences between them, despite lots of darkness there is light. Reporter says love is there in their love, but there is a twist too. Sid sees Yash in their room and questions Roshni. Reporter says their union is not that easy. Keep reading.

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