EXCLUSIVE! ‘It’s high time Television changes its narrative from Kitchen politics’ Spy Bahu’s Waseem Mushtaq on the current narratives of Television, his character and more


MUMBAI: Colors’ popular drama series Spy Bahu is about to showcase some interesting twists in the upcoming track of the show. The show stars Sana and Sehban in the lead roles and the fans are loving this amazing Jodi.

The show is about to showcase some major drama in the upcoming track in the show.

As we all know that Abhishek is a terrorist too and he has been hiding his identity under the Police uniform, we rang the charmer Waseem Mushtaq,

As an actor, one must try characters that don’t fit the Television boxes like yours?

It is about a human being, there is no norm as such that an innocent-looking person wouldn’t use cuss words. It’s a complete television stereotype, if he is a villain then he must have stubble. It’s an illogical parameter set by the industry. Luckily, the creative team and the makers of the show are all from the web background, they have a different mentality and they are doing full justice to it. They have written it very well.

Spy Bahu has a feel of a web show and not a feel of daily soap?

That is the USP of the show, there are such brilliant shows who might not have ratings but they define uniqueness. With Spy Bahu, you wouldn’t find the kitchen politics instead brings a completely different perspective that makes it interesting for the actor as well as viewers. Gladly there are producers who are trying to do this as it is high time we change the narrative of Television. We are seeing the same thing for 20 years now. Keep the women in focus but show it interestingly.

Most shows even today have the kitchen as their backdrop, how would this narrative change?

It is very important as we see that women in today’s times are not bound by the kitchen, they are all career-focused. There should be shows which portray working women. Showing females homebound is still a selling point for makers and they take in the commercial perspective. These things do act as catalysts and soon we would have better-conceptualised shows which are beyond the kitchen. Even with OTT emerging, there shall soon be some change in terms of the stories that the shows are telling to the audience.

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